Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer to Fall

What a summer. What a year.

 For that matter, what a life.

I am truly sorry that I have been neglecting my blog. I want to assure you that I have NOT, however, been neglecting my horsie duties, or CJ, or my students and clients. I HAVE, however, been taking a little bit more time for ME. I, through a recent revelation, have discovered the joy and happiness of loving myself, letting myself be me with someone special, and really just letting life treat me better than it has in the past. It's a little scary, but mostly just refreshing to feel so alive again.

On the horsie front, I am moving good ole CJ (and my entire lesson program) to a new barn. I have trained out of the barn in the past, about 5 years ago, and this really does feel a lot like "going home". Toi is coming, as is one other client horse. I will share photos of our new home soon, and will update you on some of the recent happenings in our world.

CJ is sound, still barefoot, and we have a wonderful trimmer coming every 3 weeks to get him re-balanced. So far, so good!! We even went on a trail ride barefoot, twice, and he held up wonderfully! (Everyone give a little victory whoop, please!)

What a summer to fall...and I have fallen. Hopelessly. Happily. YAY for me! :)

Be back soon, folks. In the meantime, Happy Trails!!