Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome to My Blog

I, first, must apologize for not including a single photo in my blog as of yet. It's not a good excuse, but the only reason that I haven't added any pics is because I am always at work, and of course...none of my photos are on my work computer. I do promise to make it up to you.

I should probably give a background of myself, but to be honest, it's my blog and I'm not in the mood right now. Right now I have a dilemma, or at least what I believe to be a dilemma. I'm hoping by typing this all out, and possibly getting feedback from some stray reader, I can solve my perceived dilemma. Here goes nuttn'.

My horse, CJ, will be 11 years old in May of next year. He has been loosely diagnosed with navicular syndrome for approximately 3 years. We followed the traditional prescriptions for the first year, and since that time I have been venturing into more holistic and conventional methods of "treatment". To be honest, I just want him to be comfortable, but I see no real reason why my otherwise healthy, in-his-prime, multi-talented gelding can't also be useful at the same time. His lameness and comfort levels seem to rise and fall with as much randomness as my own brainfarts. Right when I think I have discovered a slight breakthrough, right at the moment that the clouds begin to part and the sun's rays peek through to shine on us, he comes up 3-legged lame again. It's heartbreaking and taxing and to be's pissing me off.

Currently, after completing a course of PHW's, my boy is barefoot and using Boa boots on loan from our wonderful farrier, to be used only for riding. I am not regretting pulling his shoes, allowing his toe to grow back out, and watching his hoof structures rebound from captivity in those shoes. I am just wondering if this is enough. If this is the right thing. If I should just leave him alone out to pasture to live out his days. Maybe I should be taking him in for an MRI and more x-rays, getting more chiro and massage, experimenting with even more supplements and pain management treatments. Can someone help me try to find the correct answer? How much time do I have left to get this right? If navicular syndrome is a degenerative condition, the clock is ticking whilst I "play around" with the most convenient and cost-effective ideas, and my horse is getting worse by the minute?

Anywho, those are my random thoughts today. Aren't you lucky that you stumbled over here?


  1. I've been there. done it and I'm sorry.

  2. Mugs, did you have any success?

  3. Well figure it out! Really we will!

  4. I've never had to experience that (knock on wood really loudly here)...and pray I never will. I like my horses to barefooted as much as possible.

    Have you brought this up with Mrs. Mom? She does both shoeing and barefoot trims.

    Multiple opinions are always good.

  5. Hey Lopin!

    This can be a pretty complicated subject to delve into. For what its worth right now, you are on the right track. Remember- CJ did not get this way overnight, he will not heal over night. Time Really IS On Your Side.

    I can work up a post specifically about Navicular, and post in a couple days time. If we're lucky, I can rope my husband into sitting down on a moment off and get his input for you as well ;)

    Feel free to email me privtately also:

    I have questions:
    1) Latest radiographs indicate heel pain/ Navic SYNDROME, and not bony changes, correct?

    2) Your farrier- is he "traditional" or a barefooter?
    2A) If he IS a barefooter, do you know what trim style he tends to favor?

    3) How long has CJ been with nekkid feet?

    and I think last (for now...)
    4) Do you have any pictures of his hooves?

    Hang in there. Breathe deep. Let CJ set the pace in his healing- turn out, as much as you possiblyy can, good grass hay diet, and proper balanced trimming will work wonders for you both.

    Looking forward to hearing from you! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Now go give that BEAUTIFUL guy a Christmas Cookie and some extra kisses and love from all of us ;)

  6. I love the cyber world...I can't thank you enough for your encouragement and insight, Mrs Mom!
    1) I may try to have more xrays done in spring, but the most recent ones were taken at time of diagnosis, approximately 3 years bone changes, just inflammation of the bursa. Does it matter (regarding trim style, etc,) if there are bone changes or not?

    2) My farrier is a lovely young lady who is certified in Applied Equine Podiatry:
    if that helps answer that question?

    3) This is round 2 with pulling his shoes. I tried this last year with a barefoot trimmer during the winter months (approx November through April). Show season was approaching and I had students wanting to show him, and he still wasn't even 75%, so I re-shod on me. :( This time around, he has been completely barefoot for approximately a week using Boa boots for riding. Prior to that, he has had his shoes off and was sporting PHW's since October. I don't care if we miss shows this year; I refuse to feel pressured when it comes to this, so I will do (or not do) what it takes to get him sound and happy.

    4) I do have photos that my farrier has taken. I will try to scan those and get them up for you.

    Again, thank you so much for your help!! Even if all you can tell me is that I'm on the right track, but it may take some time, I'm good with that!!


  7. Welcome to the blogging world! I'm sorry you and your horse are struggling with foot issues - I know absolutely nothing about navicular, and you're right to solicit input - Mrs. Mom is very knowledgeable and should steer you right. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  8. Hey Lopin!
    Right- looks like you are in good hands. A long time ago, I knew the founder of the IAEP well.

    One thing to ALWAYS keep in mind:
    CJ did not get this way overnight- he will not be able to repair the damage overnight. Give him time, as time IS on your (and his) side. Ask questions of your trimmer. Work with her. If you see something unsettling, never hesitate to ask your trimmer.

    Have faith Lora! And please keep us posted on CJ's recovery!