Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breathe (Almost...)

Not finished moving, but we're very close!! Sneak peek:

I'll be back soon, I promise!!


  1. Wow--- lovely!! Cant wait to hear you are all settled in comfy and happy!!

  2. What a beautiful house! Wouldn't it be perfect if it came with 5 acres and you could see your horses from those lovely windows!

  3. What an ADORABLE little dollhouse! And is that a build-in corner cupboard? *swoons*

    I love, love, love old houses!

  4. We're getting settled, and trying to find a place for everything. Closet space is severely lacking, and we are all clothes-horses, so that's a problem. Lots of donations of clothes for Purple Heart and the Goodwill!
    Shirley, this is a house that I would love to pick up and move to the country. It has a country feel (I imagine where it is now WAS the "country" around the time that it was built), and is just so cozy. Lots of light through the east and west windows, a cozy fireplace (in need of repair) and one of those cool laundry-chutes that we get a kick out of.

    We inherited a saltwater fishtank with the house, complete with the characters from Finding Nemo: we have Nemo, Dory, and Gill. Gill even has only one fin. The problem is, we have never had tropical fish, and I have NO CLUE how to care for such a delicate eco-vironment. Anyone know anything about saltwater tanks?

    Katharine, thanks! :) It does remind me of a fairytale house...like the cottage from Hansel and Gretel, or maybe the cottage that the dwarves lived in Snow White? And, yes that it is a built-in corner cupboard. There are two of them in the dining room, complete with the original leaded glass. :)

    Thanks for your patience, everyone! I miss you!

    PS ~ CJ is doing great, and has been getting some time off from hard work. We are planning some trail rides for next month, and I have bought him a ton of royal blue "clothes" to wear on the trail. :) Pics to come.

  5. What a cool house. Does it have Hardwood flooring throughout, I'm a wood freak I don't think you can ever have too much. Love the built -ins. I would have to go with Shirley on this one, the only thing missing is a place for horses.

  6. We have beautiful hardwood floors in the dining area and the upstairs bedrooms. The rest of the rooms are carpeted, as well as the stairs. Either way, all the dog hair will be a PITA!!