Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life..checking in

Quick update, and hopefully things will slow down soon.

Yep, found a house!! It's still in the city, but it's a whole house (and a nice one) for only $50 more than we're paying per month for a lower flat in a duplex. The girls can stay in their current schools, and it's only a few minutes further from work. We will be moving on or around the 15th, so I'll be sure to share photos and information at that time.

I had jury duty this week. This was my first time being called. I had to report on Monday and Tuesday. Well, Monday afternoon, the first jury panel that I'm called for, and I'm selected. Here is the case I was on, and it took 4 days: Hernandez I can't begin to tell you how emotionally and mentally exhausted that I am. My fellow jurors and I were almost deadlocked. We had no concrete evidence, only testimony, and both sides made a weak case.

Came back to work yesterday and I have a ton of stuff to get caught up. Easter is tomorrow, and for the first year ever, I won't be coloring eggs with my daughters. I have lessons tonight, and won't get home until late. Tomorrow morning, we're striking off to go pick up the beater truck that my dad is giving us; we need it to get moved, anyway. Then, back home to make Easter dinner and hopefully get some much needed REST.

CJ is doing good. His fecal test came back all negative for worms, but he tested positive for sand again. So, he's back on the Metamucil and I'm trying to brainstorm a way for him to eat his hay outside like the rest of the horses, but not inconvenience the b.o. Ideally, I'd love to have a feeder in his paddock. I'd have to buy it, and I'd have to buy at least one more, for Toi, his pasture buddy. They alternate hay piles. Ugh. Ideas, guys? My brain is SHOT!!

I miss y'all. I'll try to check in more after the move, I promise...Hope all is well with everyone!! HUGS!


  1. I served on a jury a few years ago. It was a fairly big case -- 2 weeks of evidence, testimony, experts, etc. It was a highly emotional and exhausting experience for me, too -- it was a sexual abuse of a child case, and pretty difficult not to talk about it or get upset about it. Luckily the case against the guy was pretty strong, which made deliberations easier. But I totally understand where you're coming from!

  2. Jury duty is hard work - but I'm glad there are people like you to take it on. Look online - there are a variety of types of hay feeders that can keep it off the ground. We've had some success with rubber mats - just stall mats actually - but we also don't have much sand as our soils are mostly clay.

  3. Good news on the house! I hate jury duty! We're back on the Metamucil too, I swear with everyone's individual needs and supplements, it's a wonder I can keep it straight, LOL!

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