Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I try so hard not to be a hater. I really do. But, having this man market his "program" to backyard novice horse owners, encouraging them to do their own training without the common sense to even advise them to don a helmet...well, let's just say it has been burnin my ass for quite some time.

Now, this:

Parelli Fiasco

Thoughts? Am I the only one who finds him disgusting?


  1. Nope, Schmat and his sleazy wife bug the ever loving piss out of me too. There was a time, long long long long ago, that he liked horses.

    That liking of horses went from it being ABOUT the horse to only being about his popularity contest. Ol' Schmat lost the HORSE somewhere along the way.


  2. I try to tell myself that there's room for all types out here, but every vid that I've ever seen is nauseating, and Linda is clearly clinically insane. I wish people would see through the crap and stop funding his dangerous circus acts!

  3. Nope, the Parellis make me mad too. They owe their wild success to a marketing program that is based on taking advantage of novices who don't know any better, and that disgusts me to know end. It's little better than a scam, if you ask me.

    And now this footage -- although the article you linked to cautions against judging them, I don't see how you can NOT. If they had followed up by admitting that they made a mistake and didn't follow their own methods (basing training on a trusting relationship with your horse?), I would probably think a lot better of them, but it is their defense of the way they treated this horse that really gets my goat. Everyone makes mistakes, even in a demo, but at least be man enough to admit to them. Sheesh.

  4. The day a giant exercise ball comes flying wildly out of the trees I will then be a believer. ;-P

  5. Yea, that disgusts me too. I didnt even want to continue watching.

  6. OMG - can you imagine what he would have done had the audience not been there?
    I have some friends who live, eat, drink, breathe the PPP (Pat Parelli Program). I just don't get it. Yeah, I do some of the things...but I have never clicked with him (or her).
    And that he doesn't wear and/or suggest that folks wear helmets is criminal, IMHO. A recent post by Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch ( underscores the importance of helmets for everyone doing anything with horses.
    I've hit my head on so many things in the barn while doing feeding/cleaning chores....maybe I should begin to don my helmet the minute I step in the barn!

    I just had to add a word verification was 'turable'...isn't the unsettling video about the Parelli fiasco just turable?!!!

  7. This isn't the first time he has done this. No one seems to care because he can successfully peddle snake oil to the back-yard rider. He is in the ranks with Clinton Anderson and Ed Dabney as far as I'm concerned.