Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've Been Tagged

Today is a SeeSaw Day. In case haven't figured out what I mean by that, it's a day that is filled with ups and downs. It's for SURE one of those, and I'm not even halfway through it yet!

I was notified that I'm losing my favorite (bad me for just saying that like that?) advanced youth student. She has recently lost interest, and her mother doesn't want to push her. I think that's great, as I am surrounded by parents who are the OPPOSITE, at every danged 4H show I go to. I want my students to WANT to do this. Otherwise, what's the point? But, I'm very sad. Not only did I totally dig her personality (and my daughters love her, too, which DEFINITELY is the test of her coolness) and loved teaching her, but my HORSE ADORED HER! CJ took total care of her, regardless of the circumstances. He carried her to her first Equitation win, and he showed her how to kick butt in halter classes. They were a cute pair, and it was truly my pleasure to share my horse and my time and my space with such a great girl. Her mom said that she hopes she'll come back. I do, too.

No more than 10 minutes after receiving that news, I get this wonderful award from a new, but very dear, friend of mine:

Thank you, Mrs Mom at OhHorseFeathers for the thoughtful gift!! And, honestly, guys, she came into my life for a reason, no doubt. She has really boosted my motivation and encouraged me to hang in there, that I'm on the right track. I can't tell you how good that feels. When trimmers and farriers, vets and chiros, trainers and traders...all look at you like you're crazy cuz your horse is barefoot and navicular, can be easy to believe that they're right! Mrs Mom helps me to realize that I know what is best for my guy, and as long as I'm watching and listening, he will guide me. She's a very valuable pal. If you all have just 5 minutes to check out her blog, please do it. She's awesome! Oh HorseFeathers!!

So, with this award, I am to share 7 things about myself that are currently not known to my blog-readers, and then tag 15 fellow bloggers. Eeek! That's a tall order for little ole me. I'll see what I can do. Firstly, the seven things:

1) The only true friends that I have are also horse people. Many times, they started out as students or clients. I find that they have the same character that I do, and I trust my life to them.

2) My mother and I were extremely close. I am the youngest of 3 girls, with the closest in age being 7 years older. My mother passed away of Lung Cancer when I was 14 years old. My father wasn't capable of caring for me, so I lived with my sister and her family.

3) I have an Associate's Degree in Equine Management. I live in the city, and HATE IT!

4) I am happily married to a man who is of a different race, and is 19 years older than me. We have been married for 13 years and together for 15.

5) My husband and I have lost a daughter, early in our marriage.

6) My oldest daughter is caucasion (like me) but her biological father has been out of her life for many years. She calls my husband Dad, and means it.

7) I tried to live completely devoid of horses for a couple of years. I was as close as they come to being an alcoholic because of it.

Sooo, WHEEEEEEEEE!!! Wasn't that fun?

Now, for my 15 blogs to pass it on to...** drum roll please **

1) This will probably creep her out, but I feel a sistah-hood with Andrea. She and I share the dream for our horses to happily perform with no shoes. Eventing-A-GoGo

2) Full of common sense, a wonderful writer, and I am jealous that she has a pony!! GoldenThePonyGirl

3) Probably the coolest chick that I don't-know- but -wish-I-did. How cool is too cool? Not sure, but Heidi's probably got the insight on that one. HickChic

4) Nothing like living a horse life from a 1st person perspective! Gotta love BIF! :) BIF

5) A retired trainer that doesn't know how to retire. :) Love Mugs for her brains, sense of humor, honesty and her writing! I wanna be her when I grow up. Mugwump Chronicles

6) Shirley is so down-to-Earth. If you don't know her yet, go find her. You'll be glad that you did: RideAGoodHorse

7) I'm convinced that I wouldn't last a DAY living her lifestyle, and for this, she is my hero. And, I have never felt so lucky as to be able to view her world through her eyes, with her photos and stories of life in rural Oregon. One of the first blogs I started following, and still one of my faves: JKsRoughString

8) A new pal of mine, and it turns out we're sorta neighbors. How cool is that? Love her writings, and think she's totally the coolest. MidwestHorse

9) A wonderful writer, and old friend of mine. I admit that I miss her, but I fear that there is no repairing our friendship this time. Regardless, visit her blog. FearlessRiding

10) Did you know the editor of Horse & Rider has a blog? She's way cool, and it's fun to "watch" her travel for her stories. JuliThorson'sHorseTalk

11) EVER'BODY should have this one bookmarked. I come here for my daily chuckle: HorseLaughs

12) Another blog that I've been following for a long time. We seem to be so alike, with the ups and downs, the blues and the silly's. :) FoxyPants

13) I'm a huge fan of Perchies. And Perchies that do cool stuff REALLY steal my heart. This blog and the next blog are daily checkers. Daun had disappeared for a while, thanks to some cruel-hearted individuals on the internet ( gee, they're SO BRAVE to talk smack while hiding behind their 'puters). She's back, and I couldn't be happier!! Brego is just total eye candy. Drool.  EventingDraft

14) Like the above, I'm also in love with Klein. She is so athletic and sweet and gives her heart to her "mom". It's fun to watch their fun! JumpingPercheron

15) Lastly, but NOT LEAST, a blog in which a bunch of equine-savvy lovely lady authors share their talents with us, and even invite other bloggers to submit their stories. I never miss an update on there. If you haven't been addicted all along to this, you will be now! EquestrianInk

So, they've been tagged. HA! And, they all get the Award, and have earned it much more so than I have.
Thanks, Mrs Mom for my tag/Award, and thanks for your support.

I leave you with a short story, late from Wordless Wednesday. Oops!

Toi (left) says, "Yeah, yeah. Your mom is here. Big woop-di-do, CJ. Let's play halter tag."

And, CJ gives him what he wants, no warning whatsoever. HA HA, TOI!!

(Sorry for the poor quality, ...taken with my cell phone camera.)

Happy Trails, All!


  1. Well, Thank-you , my dear neighbor, I will try to get to it tonight, if not, It'll be sunday sometime.....Weekend shift, gads! ;)

  2. Thank you so much...your words are too kind. Really, I'm sure you'd last at least a week!! ;~)

    Congrats on your award...well deserved of course!

  3. Oh thank you!! I feel pretty honoured to be in with this group! And there's no such thing as too cool; we just share it around eh?

    hope your ups and downs level out a little.

  4. Well thanks for thinking of me! I'll get to it in a couple of days, and like I said before, I'm not real good at following rules!

  5. thank ye! I feel very happy to part of your picks. I look forward to passing it down the blogger web of great horse people!