Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Product Review Moment!!

Hey, does anyone else have one of these? I bleeping LOVE MINE!! Just picked it up at a tack sale last weekend for $25, and would totally pay the full price! Bestestestest invention evah! Add a pair of fullseat breeches (I did) and you're glued to this thing!!

Best Friend Western Bareback Pad - $79.95

Rated the #1 Bareback Pad and a Top Ten Product of the Year in June 2006 by The Horse Journal. The Best Friend® Bareback Pad features:

Breathable synthetic suede fabric top.

Non-slip neoprene bottom and girth.

High-density foam padding throughout.

Additional cushioning in withers area, contoured to fit the horse's back, providing a superior fit and appearance.

Convenient side pockets with a free water bottle.


To clean: Brush off with a gentle brush and then wipe with a damp cloth.


Tan (chamois) with brown trim

Navy with navy trim

And, CJ and I will begin our bareback adventure! WOOHOO!!


  1. Dude! Let me/ us know how that works on CJ!! He and Sonny are built so similar in the back, that might be perfect for us to play around with as well!!

  2. Oh! I have an (English) saddle pad with side pockets, the best $30 I ever spent on tack. This looks like it would be a good investment, too!

  3. Oh la la!! I LOVE a nice bareback pad...Hmmmm, I may be stalking ebay over a good deal for this one!