Thursday, February 18, 2010

No News is Good News? Not so much!

I’m sorry that I haven’t checked in lately….I’ve had my fair share of hustle and bustle, mixed in with a 4-day weekend, an episode of migraine headaches, and juggling work/horse/family stuff. I know you can all relate…

Latest update: as of last weekend, CJ was feeling pretty gol-danged good, if you ask me. Very forward under saddle and in some cases, (like with my walk-trot students), a little TOO forward for my liking. HA!
 No complaints here, as it was so refreshing to see his head up, bright and alert expression, ears perked, as he trotted (hugely) around the arena. I managed to get him outside in the hayfield for a canter lesson, which he seemed to really love, although he had to work a bit harder in the snow. He sure was moving nice!! YAY! I can’t tell how nice it was to see all 4 legs working equally, a solid cadence in all gaits, even in the deep snow. WOOHOO!

My best friend is getting married next year. She has her incredibly talented warmblood mare on a free lease for 3 years, so I don’t see her that much anymore. I am supposed to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, which was fantastic until she told me that they’re now hoping to have a destination wedding. My husband won’t fly. We don’t spend nights apart…we’ve been married 13 years, and it would be tough to leave him behind. I’m at a tough spot. I have some thinking to do.

We live in a rental duplex, and have been there for 10 years. Myah took her first steps there. It’s our home. It has changed owners a few times, and our most recent owner fell prey to the horrible crash in the industry…it has been foreclosed on, and is being auctioned next month. I fear we will be forced to move, which would be fine if we had a game plan. I have no game plan. Our credit is shot, and there is no time to fix it now, anyway. I spend hours zoning out on Craigslist, looking for a new spot to dwell…ugh.

On the up side, I’m riding tonight. :)


  1. Good to hear that your horse is moving well, but not so good to hear that you have to move as well! I hope you find a good place to live, near your horse.
    I don't like flying either, and I think that folks who choose destination weddings shouldn't expect that everyone can just fall in with their plans- not everyone can afford to go, much less want to go. Ted's niece has a wedding in Hawaii that they want us to attend. Not. Gonna. Happen.

  2. Riding is a definite upside. :o) Spending time in the saddle, or even just with my horse, always makes me feel better!

  3. I hate to admit how long it's been since I rode either of my horses, or any horse... and I live with them now. It's shameful. I have all kinds of excuses of course!

    I really am interested to hear about CJ's treatments... and blown away by the communicating session. I've gotten one chiropractic treatment for my mare (which I plan to write about one o' these days) and I'm seriously thinking of getting someone in to look into their amazing minds. It sounds totally nutty. We'll see...

    Anyways, nice to see that you have a blog up and running! I'll have to stop in more often than once every 3 months.

  4. Hope things look brighter soon.